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For IT developers - bevopr

for IT developers

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fast, simple and fun

Stay anonymous on bevopr


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YOU have the power

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Looking for a job has never been more fun!

Like, Match & Chat on bevopr

The concept of the platform is very simple and based on the Like/Match/Chat principle. This tool has been created for IT developers with the only purpose of optimising the search for a new job or mission.

How it works

1. Create Your Profile

Superfast Onboarding

Build your profile in a few and simple steps thanks to an UX designed especially for IT developers.

Discover more in video
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Discover more in video

2. Like jobs & missions

Offers that really fit your profile

The algorithm will present you with jobs and missions ranked by a percentage of matching, according to your skills & expectations.

All you have to do left is like, like, like 👍

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3. Get In Touch

You decide who can contact you

When you get liked back, bim! It’s a match ❤️ Now, you finally get to chat with the company. Get to know more about the offer, send your CV, book a meeting, arrange a phone call, … It’s up to you!

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developers have the power on bevopr

You have the power

Evaluate the state of the market at your pace

  • Remain anonymous
  • Look for a job without being bothered
  • Stay out of your employer’s radar
  • Companies apply to you

It works!

“Hi Louis, just made an account. Looks nice! Seems like an easy way to connect to companies based on matching skills.”


“I tested your platform and I must say that it is very practical I really love it!”


Congratulations for the platform, is very cool and intuitive


“Very good app, with a lot of features”